The wild and the dull. The occult and the faith. The drunk and the drunker. The sober and the stoned. The violent and the dying. The free and the chained. The pointless and the boring. The wordplay and the dance. The singer and the voiceless. The decadent and the clean. The poetry and the prose. The musings and the vocal shots. The gunfire and the fall. The nothing and the empty. The blog and the blogged. The writings and the fool. The caring and the dead. The readers and the waste of time. The clock and the chasing. The dog and the jester. The execution and the spectacle. The absurd and the news. The meaning and the meaningless. The vague and the obvious. The questions and the pause. The art and the inhumane. The value and the debt. The story and the message clouds. The review and the shackles. The longing and the dread.

Thoughts, reviews, ideas, opinions, prose, stories, poetry, and other words spewed onto page. Welcome to Iniquitous Glory.

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